Week 7 check-in!

Published: 07/14/2020

Hello everyone

So we are into Week #7 now. In the last week, we were done with integrating query functions and I had mentioned that next I would be working on BAM serialization.

So yes, BAM serialization took me some time to get the feel of, though finally I was able to implement in successfully with the help of mentors. BAM serialization gives the users and game developers ability to save the generated navmesh in their hard disk and load it from there whenever required. This can be really helpful in games as a lot of time and computational power required to generate navmesh will be saved and hence the games would load faster. So, as for this week, this was the major development done. 

Where did I get stuck? Well, BAM serialization was a totally new concept for me and hence I was stuck in the process of understanding it. Once I understood the concept and how the functions implement it, then it was quite easy to code, though there were moments i got stuck while compiling after implementing BAM serialization. Mentors rescued me there. XD

For next week, I have few things on card: Writing Test Files for BAM, sample code and making more user friendly functions so that users do not have to dig deep into objects to use basic API functions. After that, a few more changes as per the PR review.

See you next week :) 

Stay Safe