Week 8 blog!

Published: 07/23/2020

Hello everyone.
The is week 8 of the Google Summer of Code program. The last week wasn't a lot of work done. I did add some BAM test files, added visualization function to NavMesh class similar to NavMeshBuilder class. So, now draw_nav_mesh_geom() in NavMesh class would work the same way as draw_poly_mesh_geom() in NavMeshBuilder class and can be accessed through even NavMeshNode class.
BAM test files can be found in the Tests folder. A BAM object is created and read over in the test functions to test against the original values. So these were two main things I added in the previous week. 
Along with them, I have started working on the documentation. It uses Sphinx's reStructured text (.rst) format. I have got familiar to it's coding / formatting styles.
Also, I have added a new class NavMeshParams in the navigation library. So, the user can add custom vertices and faces to generate the navigation mesh without using the navmeshgen library. Or maybe, the user can get the navigation mesh generated using some other library and then write code to parse it into NavMesh class using NavMeshParams class.

This week I have my academic load in form of end semester university exams. So I would not able to do much for the GSoC project. I have informed my mentors regarding the same. So probably I would not have much to write about next week.

Still, lets see if I can complete some part of the documentation during my exams. 
Till then, stay safe :)