Week 9 Check In!

Published: 07/29/2020

Hello everyone

Another week passed and here I am with another blog.

The last week, unfortunately, was not productive as I did not contribute much to the panda3d project due to my university exams, which I mentioned in the last week's blog. I had informed my mentors about this academic situation and they were really supportive to let me focus on my exams for one week. Thanks to them, my exams went well and now I am back to working on the project.
After my last blog, I had started working on the documentation and had written some part of python docs in Sphinx's reStructured text format (.rst). I had also got a review on my PR by the mentor. This week I will work on the review, complete the Python Docs and then C++ docs as well. After that, I shall update the sample code as well.

See you all next week which should be much more productive than this one. XD
Thank you and Stay Safe!