Check-in: 3rd week of GSoC (June 10 - June 16)

Published: 06/17/2019

1. What did you do this week?

This week, I continued working on a script that looks at altenative methods for fitting a linear model to data from a single subject (i.e. "first level" analysis).

  • In particular, I focussed on using the linear_model module from SciKit Learn to replicate the functionality of the current linear_regression function provided by MNE-Python (see this PR on my project's sandbox repository on GitHub for further details).


2. What is coming up next?

  • During the upcoming week I'll be working with Stefan Appelhoff, another GSoC student working with MNE-Python this summer. We'll focus on restructuring the LIMO dataset to comply with the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) specification. BIDS refers to a set of standards used for organizing and sharing brain imaging study data within and between laboratories (see the preprint on PsyArXiv), or visit Stefan's Blog to learn more about BIDS for EEG data.
  • I'll also keep working on the "second-level" analysis (i.e., group-level inference) part of my GSoC Project.


3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

 This week was a little bit slow, but I didn't feel like I got stuck with anything in particular.

I'm definitely looking forward to working with Stefan on the BIDS adaption of the LIMO dataset and making some progress on the second-level analysis part of my project.