First Week Code

Published: 06/14/2021

Hi guys, I greet you this week. What did I do this week? This week first I relate tables in the database schema, which were the table movimientos and agenda, making it possible to schedule a movement optionally. Second I update a view to clarifies the timing of urgent tasks making a bit change in a label. Third I began to develop a function to download all the files of a certain field expediente in a zip file. What is coming next? The next will be end the function on production, add security and roles for allow download by authorized users. And the end of the week add some test functions. Did I get stuck anywhere? First I had problems with GITHUB because in the last PR I brought commits from another PR, this was due to an error that I had in my first PR when creating it on the master branch. currently all this was fixed thanks to the help of the mentors who helped me to lay the foundations for next PR. Second I get stuck in the develop of the function download_zip due to there isn't other examples of the same feature. Finally I could schedule all and adapt a example.