Second Week Code

Published: 06/21/2021

Hi guys, I greet you this week. What did I do this week? In the last week i had some issues with PR and commits, this brought me some problems. Therefore, I fix that issues and I made the correct PR. On the other hand, the main focus of this week was to develop a driver so that the files of a table could be downloaded using the zip format. The web2py call was used to bring the files, and care was taken to obtain the object and then iterate it with Rows and add it to the zip file which had been created as a temporary file. Finally, the Headers are designated to launch the event. What is coming next? Already having the controller, the mentors asked me to continue developing it to be able to organize the files in folders according to the type of legal process, so that in this way when downloading the zip the information is organized in it by folders. Also i should make some test cases. Did I get stuck anywhere? It was hard the develop because there weren't examples that I could base my development. It was an exhaustive work of research and comparison with examples from other frameworks to achieve the logical flow that would allow the development to be achieved.