GSoC weekly blog

Published: 07/09/2019

Hey everyone,

I got the API and basic model working by the first evaluations and now I am adding more functionality to it and improving it day by day. Once the I configured gitlab and Heroku for automatic deployment of the API. I found some errors regarding the package installation but instead of fixing it I first improved the file structure and made the code clean. 

After that I have added a route to download zip file through GET request. Grunt only creates a folder with all the files so I also had to convert it to zip which I did this week.

The code looks very clean and better than earlier now. I have made a separate file with classes and methods to handle the Grunt command and file generations. Once this Merge request is approved by mentors, I'll test the API and connect it with the front-end of EOS Icons. The EOS-Icons front end is also in development so once the other student completes it, I'll have to merge my changes with the new version of EOS Icons.

Thanks for reading