GSoC Weekly Check-in

Published: 07/16/2019

Hello everyone!

This is 7th week of GSoC 2019, just one week away from 2nd Evaluations. Here's what I did this week.

What did I do this week?

This week was a bit relaxing. I didn't do much except making changes in my old PR for improvement of Icons Picker API. Added some features like zipping folders, providing a separate route for download of files and improved file structure. There were a few changes my mentors told me to make in that PR so that the code matches all the other repos. Except that I started working on the current version of EOS-icons while the new version is still in development.

What is coming up next week?

In one or two days the code base for new version of EOS-icons will be ready which brings some major changes like moving to pug from HTML templates, using Gulp instead of Grunt and a lot more. Once that is done, I'll make the icons-picker and connect it with API.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes, I am still stuck on some error with heroku deployment. I tested it locally and the solution seems to work. Once my PR is merged I'll try to make the changes in it.

Till next time,