Weekly Check-In: Week 12

Published: 08/17/2020

Make sure to check out Project FURY : https://github.com/fury-gl/fury

Hey Everyone! 
This week , Picking Outline

What did I do this week

We needed a Outline feature in FURY to indicate which model we choose in the scene. So the task assigned was to find options to achieve this. There were two ways to do this, 1. Using shader and 2. Using Vtk PolyData Silhouette. Despite trying multiple implementation methods the shader approach was not working . I also tried using VTKs inbuilt function , but there is a bug when i use some models. When i choose a model, it renders outline for every polygon , which is not what we want to achieve. The bug is shown below:

Below are the outputs of the techniques i worked on :





What's coming up next

With the end of GSoC approaching soon, the next task is to create a PR which can help new users to test different shaders using UI to get started 

Did I get stuck anywhere

I still was not able to figure out how we can achieve the outline effect. Am currently looking into other approaches we could use