Weekly Check-In: Week 13

Published: 08/24/2020

Make sure to check out Project FURY : https://github.com/fury-gl/fury

Hey Everyone! 
Today marked the official end of the coding period for Google Summer of Code 2020. On this day i would like to take the opportunity to thank all my mentors and Soham who have shown immense support during this time and helped me grow not only to be a better programmer but also to be a better team member. While the GSoC period ends, i will try my best to be active and contribute to the project and help it grow.

What did I do this week

This being the final week of GSoC , my task was to create a PR which showcases not only the shader capabilities of the project but also to create a example which integrates both the UI and shader system of project FURY. This example can help new users to get familiar with both the UI and shaders.
Apart from this i also worked on a Toon Shader.

The output for the above task is given below:





What's coming up next

The next week i will work on the final GSoC documentation which explains what i worked on throughout the GSoC period.In case of any changes are requested by the mentors I will also try to implement them. 

Did I get stuck anywhere

With the help of Soham and the mentors this week went smoothly.