Heat up! - 20/05 to 24/05

Published: 05/28/2019

Hello everyone!

This week was awesome. I got to learn TDD and I got to code into more detailed Spidermon's code.

I learnt TDD from an online book that is actually a good physical book using unittest and Django (link here). All of this knowledge is transferable to other libraries in Python and to other languages I may come to use in the future, so this added a lot for my developer skillset.

On Spidermon's, I got to read, understand a more complex issue, pre-plan my approach to code and apply my thoughts on a commit and submit a new pull request. This part not only taught me some stuff but made me aware of the coding process with an open source project. Getting to talk with my mentors about the issue and plan stuff makes me feel fulfilled and motivated to do a good work.

I didn't have any big struggles though. My main struggle was my schedule because I had UNICAMP duties this week but they didn't affect my overall productivity.

During PR I had to decide to change a previous design for the testing part of a monitor and I still am insecure with my decision-making. I know I can appreciate and qualify different solutions, but I am also want to my decision to be the best, and that affects my perception of my choices. That's something I'll definitely work with and get better during GSoC, because I know this is just me being in something new, I don't want to mess up other people works.


That's it for the week! See you in the next :)

Leonardo Rodrigues.