Weekly check-in - 13/05 to 17/05

Published: 05/20/2019

Hey everyone, this is my first weekly report for the GSoC project I'm in, Spidermon under the PSF.

1. What did you do this week?

This week I had a call with my mentors, and we decided upon details about our CLI implementation. We also aligned that I should study CLI, TDD, and get more used to the Spidermon code, and that's what I did. I studied the CLI library that we'll be using (Click), with a couple of videos that explained how to create good CLIs with it, and I also got help from a experienced friend that has CLI expertise. I read more Spidermon code, and I'm planning to have PR ready for this week

2. What is coming up next?

My next step is to have a PR ready for Spidermon. This is a way for me to get  used to code within the Spidermon project and have my code polished for the future code within the GSoC scope.

3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

I got stuck understanding specifics about the Click library, but the material I had and the mock code I did with it were enough to overcome this.


That's it for the week, after this post I'll have another one detailing my experience this week.

Leonardo Rodrigues