Baby steps - 13/05 to 17/05

Published: 05/20/2019

 Hello everyone!

This week I had the first taste of the GSoC experience. After the first call with my mentors, I had a lot to think on and that's a good thing to me.

I started by studying the library we'll work on, called Click, and even though I had researched about it before, getting to know the details under the library and having ideas to implement on my project was awesome. One of the requirements we had for the CLi is to have it as scalable and modularized as possible (as good code should be), and we proceed to have some checkpoints to fill so we could ensure our CLI was according to the design. One of the points we discussed were the use of a dict so we could have new commands for the CLI without the need of writing much code and new prompts, and I discovered a way of conciliating this dict with the implementation using Click.

Then I proceed to study the Spidermon code. At first, I thought it would be a good idea to have another PR, this time a little bit more advanced, but I understood that I needed more knowledge of the overall Spidermon code, so I decided upon reading code for the parts I am not comfortable with, and I'm still in this process right now. The PR will then be my objective for this week.

One thing that I really want to and my mentors agreed with is the good writing of tests, or simply using TDD for our CLI. I'm familiar with writing tests but I definitely want to have it improved for our project, so I know I'll have to study TDD before the conclusion of the Community Bonding period. I intend to do that this week and the next one, because I got some books recommended to me and I want to read them.


That's it for the week, until the next one :)

Leonardo Rodrigues.