Published: 07/05/2022


This week I started working on the structure of mailman. I tried to understand the source code of mailman. Find the important data for the mailing list, find their location and code. Classify these data into constant, internal data and system configuration data, and then develop corresponding tools.

What did you do this week?

Read the source code and start working on [mailman/src/mailman/model/list.py] and [mailman/src/mailman/model/list_manager.py]. I found many variables, and I reported my work to my mentor tenbulu. I also need to find some variables related to the list tool in other documents.

The source code contains many Sqlalchemy functions. I will continue to study this database.

What is coming up next?

Continue to read the source code and try to use mailman to determine some necessary variables that I didn't find in the file.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

In the process of quickly locating variables, it is difficult for me to find the file where the corresponding variables are located.