Week 11: Improving tutorials a little

Published: 09/05/2022

What did you do this week?

  • Fixed some issues in the hierarchical order animation support PR that we discussed during last week’s meeting (mostly naming issues).

  • Explained the introductory tutorial a little. But it is not good suitable beginners. So, I will spend time improving tutorials this week.

  • Added extrusion to vector_text to allow the z-scaling to be functional.

  • Fixed lightColor0 being hard-set to (1, 1, 1). Instead, it’s now using the Scene to set the lighting uniforms.


What is coming up next week?

  • Improve tutorials.

  • Find out how to get the Scene from the actor instead of manually assigning it.

  • If I have time, I will try implement recording animation as GIF or as a video.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

I didn’t get stuck this week.