GSoC Journey Blog Week 4

Published: 07/08/2022

What did you do this week?

Issues raised:

  1. bug in list implementation #733

  2. Add support for loop iteration #732

  3. <ast::annassign_t>Error while implementing dataclass #732</ast::annassign_t>

Ongoing Pull requests:

  1. Decimal Module 

  2. Supplementing pow tests #747

  3. Capitalize, upper and lower python builtin functions

This week I got the "Implementing multiple datatypes for pow & fabs functions" PR merged and made significant strives towards new PRs. Until now I had entirely been working on the front-end, but this week I worked on the back-end compile time code of upper, lower, capitalize functions. The decimal module is real close to being merged too, which will then open the gates for many more functions being implemented.

What is coming up next?

Finish The Decimal module initiation and work on other string builtin functions parallelly.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I raised an issue wherever I got stuck and the mentors suggested workarounds. I got to learn well this week too thanks to Gagandeep and Naman.