GSoC Journey Blog Week 6

Published: 07/24/2022

What did you do this week?

PRs Merged:

  1. Mean, Geometric Mean & Harmonic mean Functions implemented in module #769 : Initiated the module and implemented mean (overloaded for different datatypes), geometric_mean & hyperbolic_mean along with integration tests for each.
  2. Supplementing pow tests #747

Ongoing Pull requests:

  1. Do_loop increment variable generalized #771 - I'm still working on it. This feature is pread over quite some files, so its taking a bit longer to resolve errors.

On hold due to missing supports

  1. Decimal Module : Errors resolved and ready for merging.
  2. Capitalize, upper and lower python builtin functions : Errors resolved, On hold as classes and class methods are not implemented yet.

What is coming up next?

I have company interviews happening in my institute campus over the next ~10 days, so I'll be able to contribute for less number of hours. However, I'll surely make up for it in the upcoming weeks. I'll work on PR #771(Do_loop increment variable generalized) and get it merged.