Blog Week 11 (16.08.-20.08.)

Published: 08/22/2021

What did I do this week?

During this week I worked on left features, adapting the pyqtgraph-backend to tests and fixing remaining bugs. I also wrapped up GSoC by writing a final report. There you can also find instructions on how to test the new backend. I opened a WIP-PR for my mentors to review my work on the new backend. There are still things to do left, which I listed in this issue. And finally I completed the final GSoC-Evaluation.

Where did I get stuck?

At the beginning of the week I really got stuck with implementing fake clicks for pyqtgraph, which are then used by several tests. I had to try a lot and consulted my mentors often until I luckily finally could get it to work never the less.

Thank you!

Since this was my last official week of Google Summer of Code, I will no longer blog here. But you can still reach me via if you got questions or ideas regarding the new pyqtgraph-backend or other related topics. It was a great experience for me to work on such a project full time before I start my clinical elective next year. I hope that the new backend facilitates the step of data-preprocessing of MEG/EEG-Data for the MNE-Python-Users. Thank you to the pyqtgraph-developers who with their package facilitated accomplishing my project-goals a lot. And a lot of thanks to my mentors, who were always in reach and provided help and feedback wherever they could.

So long, see you on GitHub:)