Weekly Check-In Week 10 (09.08.-13.08.)

Published: 08/15/2021

What did I do this week?

After having finished refactoring most of the refactoring of the matplotlib-backend, this PR could now be merged into MNE-Python. When I started on prototyping with pyqtgraph, I build my own framework for loading and processing data and forwarding parameters into the prototype for visualization. This week I worked a lot on adapting the pyqtgraph-prototype to the framework mne-python provides. Furthermore I noticed, that performance is heavily depending on wether the data is already preloaded in memory. But this can be limiting for large datasets or devices with little amount of RAM. We therefore thought about having a separate thread for loading the data only up to a given range around the visible range.

What is coming up next?

To integrate the pyqtgraph-backend into mne-python, a lot of tests still need to be adapated. And there are some features from the current matplotlib backend missing. When the former is done, we will start then a PR for the first integration of the pyqtgraph-backend as an experimental features.