First Check-in

Published: 06/01/2020

Hi everyone, I am McSinyx, a Vietnamese undergraduate student who loves free software. This summer I am working with the maintainers and the contributors of pip to make the package manager download in parallel.

What did I do during the community bonding period?

Aside from bonding with pip's maintainers and contributors as well as with my mentors, I was also experimenting on the theoretical and technical obstacles blocking this GSoC project. Pradyun Gedam (a mentor of mine) suggested making a proof of concept to determine if parallel downloading can play nicely with ResolveLib's abstraction and we are reviewing it together. On the technical side, we pip's committers are exploring available options for parallelization and I made an attempt to make use of Python's standard worker pool in a portable way.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes, of course! Neither of the experiments above is finished as of this moment. Though, I am optimistic that the issues will not be real blockers and we will figure that out in the next few days.

What is coming up next?

As planned, this week I am going to refactor the package downloading code pip. The main purpose is to decouple the networking code from the package preparation operation and make sure that it is thread-safe.

In addition, I am also continuing mentioned experiments to have a better confidence on the future of this GSoC project.

To other GSoC students, mentors and admins reading this, I am wishing you all good health and successful projects this summer!