Weekly Blog Post #2

Published: 06/14/2021

So the first week of GSoC is almost over and we are about to start with the second week.

Mentions Functionality

During this week I worked on the implementation of the frontend for mentions functionality. This functionality will allow users to mention any other user in the comments section of the story. To achieve the functionality, I have used react-mentions library. Initially, I faced some problems while fetching data of users for display but eventually I and Sundeep (my GSoC partner) figured it out. I also spent some time on my university exams this week. For the coming week I will be working on the tests for mentions functionality and the backend part of this functionality that will involve giving out notifications to the users. Along with this, I will also be working on implementation of a new feature, i.e Sharable links. This functionality will allow users to share stories on different social media platforms with just one click.
Looking forward to another amazing week ahead :)