Weekly Check-in #1

Published: 06/08/2021

Hey, I am Harshita Mangla, a second year Computer Science undergraduate from India. During Google Summer of Code, 2021 I would be working with EOS Design System on the project: User Story - Improvements and New Features.

About my Project

EOS User Story provides an interface to the users to share how they are using the product and relate to other users' stories and comment or vote them up. The project aims to add new features and improve on the existing ones.

What did I do in the community bonding period?

As decided in the meeting, all the projects were migrated from GitLab to GitHub. I migrated the User Story Repository. After that I and Sundeep (my GSoC partner) spent time on discussing and setting up GitHub Projects Board. After that I spent some time on migrating my pull requests from GitLab to GitHub.

What am I doing this week?

This week I am working on implementation of mention functionality that will let users to tag or mention other users in the comments section of the story. I will be writing tests for the same using Cypress.

Did I stuck anywhere?

No, I didn't stuck anywhere yet.
Looking forward to a great summer ahead :)