Weekly Check-in #10 [Aug 09, 2021]

Published: 08/12/2021

Hi everyone,
This is the 10th weekly check-in and I had totally forgotten about writing a blog since this week was quite hectic, with project defenses going on in the university and deadlines to meet for GSoC.

What did you do this week?

We finally got in support for mutable config in models. I have been working on the final use-case of my project ie. 'Tuning Models'. For this, I showed how to tune models by mutating their values in the configs. I also added a parameter grid module so users can define a grid and DFFML helps them tune their models by training and testing the models with the data to find the best hyper-parameters and score. My mentor had also asked to change the way accuracy works in general. I forced accuracy to take prediction features so scorers don't access the model's features, and forced theses features to the last argument of the scorers.

What is coming up next?

I will be finishing these tasks and wait on reviews and hopefully get these PR's merged ASAP.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yeah, there were some issues with http, my mentor helped me get rid of those.