Weekly Check-in #9 [Aug 02, 2021]

Published: 08/04/2021

Hi everyone,
This is the 9th weekly check-in and things seemed to be going as planned so far, however, it's time to deal with the elephant in the room ie. the "Tuning Models" use-case we don't have support for.

What did you do this week?

As it turns out, my peer was also working on scikit. He introduced scorers into the code-base which resulted in huge rebase for me. I rebased everything multi-output models related and merged conflicts. However, I had to also add multi-output support to the scorers now, and that I did. I made it so that the scikit scorers could be used for multi-output models. I also added support for the couple of 'native' scorer implementations that we added in DFFML but I wasn't convinced of the implementation myself as we were just using mean of all the accuracies or scores. I discussed it with my mentor and we decided to go with just the sickit scorers. My mentor also suggested me other changes in the weekly sync we had yesterday.

What is coming up next?

I will be working on the changes suggested by my mentor and get the PR reviewed in detail. My mentor would also help figure out the dependencies of the use-case "Tuning models" to make configs mutable etc. so that I can proceed.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Not really.