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Week 1: A study of F2PY's frontend

Published: 06/20/2022

Community bonding period and Week 1

What did I do this week?

During the community bonding period, I mostly scoured through the codebase, understanding F2PY's existing frontend, the on-going reimplementation of the frontend. I went through the existing tests and some of the tests that need to be added.

This first week of GSoC I understood the backend compilation system and the new compilation method that will follow post addition of meson. I didn't write much code this week because I want to understand and structure out the changes need first. F2PY is a big tool and it need to be modernised in a lot of aspects. I think I will go in with a complete knowledge of what I am building towards.

I have written a blog post on restructuring F2PY's frontend -  F2PY's frontend

What will I be doing the next week?

I will go through the rest of the flags in F2PY's frontend and find out Meson's equivalent functionality that we will use. I will create a full report of the same and upload it on my website's blog. Also, I will make pull request of the documentation and test changes I have proposed.

Did I get stuck somewhere?

No not really, my mentor Rohit Goswami is very available and helps me out a lot. We didn't get stuck anywhere this week.

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