Coding period: week #11

Published: 08/11/2019

This is going to be a blog post about cleaning up things I did until now.


What did I do this week?

Last week, I worked on adding a template keyword called `defaultvalue` to store the default value of a registered config item. Also, I did work on adding `--registered` flag to `hg showconfig` command to show all the registered config items. In this week, I got more reviews on it and I had to fix it. So, I sent the following patches and some of them got merged.

[1]: D6709 config: add --registered flag to show all known configs

[2]: D6699 unshelve: abort on using --keep and --interactive together

[3]: D6712 config: remove pycompat.bytestr() for defaultvalue

[4]: D6720 config: fix handling of defaultvalue



What is coming up next?

I was trying to add logic for the use of `--interactive` with `--keep` for `hg unshelve`. My mentor Pulkit suggested me to store the remaining shelved change with a new basename on using these flags together. I have coded up this feature. But, unfortunately, my regression tests are not running as expected while this is working fine when I locally built it and tested on another mercurial repo. I will try to fix these tests. Also, I'll be working on changing the default behavior of `hg grep` to the expected behavior which is hidden under a config option.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes. While working on adding support for `hg unshelve --interactive --keep` for a partial unshelve, I couldn't get my regression tests running. I am still working on this to find a solution for this.