Coding period: week #12

Published: 08/18/2019

This is going to be a blog post about fixing an urgent bug and splitting an old RFC patch of mine into stack to be landed. Also, finishing up something I was working for a long time.


What did I do this week?

My mentor introduced me to an issue[1] which is an urgent bug to get fixed. While pushing bookmarks, the bookmarks pointing to secret changesets are also pushed, but the changesets are not pushed. So, while pulling the bookmarks, the changeset it is pointing to will be unknown. We wanted to abort on pushing bookmarks which points to secret changes. I sent two patches. One[2] which demonstrates the issue which has tests and the other[3] one which fixes the issue. I also sent a patch[4] to abort on using both `--interactive` and `--keep` together with `unshelve` which got merged. I worked on two patches[5][6] to enhance the config registrar and its usage. Then, there was an old RFC patch[7] which introduces the first prototype of storing/restoring mergestate with `shelve`. I had to split that into a stack[8][9][10][11] to change its priority from RFC to patches which can be landed in code.


What is coming up next?

My mentor has requested some follow-ups to some of the merged patches. I shall be working on them. Also, I will be addressing the reviews to the WIP patches that are active now and cleanup the work. Then, I'll work on documentation of the work I did and the importance of that.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes. While adding an abort on trying to exchange bookmarks which points to secret changesets, I was unable to solve a test case initially. My mentor asked me to sent a patch to the bitbucket and I did that. He gave me reviews there and it was later fixed by me and I sent the patch to the core.