Coding period: week #5

Published: 06/29/2019

This is a blog post about how I spent this week addressing reviews and started working on an interesting feature outside the sample space of the project.


What did I do this week?

I started getting reviews on a patch[1] that I had sent last week. I had to rebase my changes on the top of the tip of the default branch. I got enormous conflicts because, my project interfered with another GSoC project within my org. So, I solved the conflicts and ran tests. There were still some issues. I fixed those and amended the changes. I also sent a patch[2] to make shelve independent of rebase and it got merged. Then, I started working on adding interactive mode to unshelve which can make selected files unshelve from the stored shelve. Here[3] is the feature request of it.


What is coming up next?

I just started working on adding interactive mode to unshelve. I hope to complete this by next week. If time permits, I'll work on adding `--unresolved` flag to `hg commit` and test exchanging shelves. However, plans can get changed.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

When I was told to rebase my changes on top of tip of default, I got enormous conflicts. It wasn't easy for me to solve them. But, I started small and made progress. Some part of the rebase caused bugs. So, I made the changes on top of the rebase and amended those changes. Thus, all tests started running successfully.