Coding period: week #6

Published: 07/06/2019

This is a blog post about how I sent a patch to a new feature and fixed old patches of mine by sending follow-ups this week.


What did I do this week?

I sent a patch[1] to make `hg unshelve` accept files. It added a `--files` flag to perform unshelve on selected files. My end-goal is to add interactive mode to the command. This interactive mode should work the same as it works for `revert`, et al. It also has to support curses ui. I borrowed a function from `uncommit` extension called `_commitfiltered()`. This will generate another commit changeset with selected files only. I had to modify it a little. The original funcition was written to exclude files. I modified it to include the selected files. I sent another patch[2] as a follow-up to rename a function after shelve landed on core. I also had to rebase changes from this[3] patch on the top of the commit which made land shelve on core. This led to enormous conflicts and I had to resolve that.


What is coming up next?

This[4] patch is trying to add interactive mode to `unshelve` as an end-goal. Hopefully, I will complete this by next week. If time permits, I will also work on things on the project sample space.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

On adding a `--files` flag to `unshelve` it wasn't recognising the files selected. I spent quite a long time on this. Finally, I realized that I had to change one of the arguments in the function definition to a list. It was a string by default.