Coding period: week #7

Published: 07/12/2019

This is a blog post about how I finished adding a new feature I have been working for the last two weeks.


What did I do this week?

I had sent this[1] patch last week and I finally got succeeded on adding an interactive mode to unshelve. There is already an interactive mode in shelve. The first step I took was to make unshelve selected files only. I had almost completed this in the last week itself. Unfortunately, I got sick this week. So, I wasn't able to work for more hours. However, I managed to finish my work this week. I had to create two changesets. One with changes requested by the user to unshelve at the given time and the latter is shelved for later. The first is done interactively by the user. They can select changes chunk by chunk. This received good reviews from the community.


What is coming up next?

My old patch on my project which does a lot of things is inactive for a while. I shall ask people to review that. Also, my mentor is actively giving new things outside the project sample space which the community has an interest. I shall try to work more on them. Since my college is opening this Monday, I will be concentrating to work on that within a short period of time.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

I thought we have to manually code everything in the interactive mode. I spent quite a lot of time investigating and try to code up that from scratch. Later, @av6 advised me to look at shelve interactive and it was much easier to implement. I learnt that quite often we need to think clearly rather than deeply. An interesting thing about a large codebase is that it might be hard to look up but, almost all of the things are implemented in it. We often have samples to look for motivation.