Final week

Published: 08/25/2019

This is going to be blog post about cleaning up the work I was doing and revisiting some old things I have done during the GSoC period.


What did I do this week?

I got a patch merged for adding `experimental` argument to the config registrar. But, reviewers asked me to send a compatibility fix as a follow-up as the extension `perf` was failing for older versions of Mercurial. So, I had sent a patch[1] about that and it got folded to the old merged patch by the reviewers. Also, I was asked some questions by my mentor on some of the patches in the stack of `--unresolved`. I investigated on them and answered. A couple of patches were stuck in the middle as I was not able to reproduce the test results in the bug description apparently. So, I investigated on that and updated the patches[2][3]. Then, I started documenting the things I have done during the whole summer as the final report of GSoC. You can read it here[4].


Did you get stuck anywhere?

I was stuck in reproducing the test results given in one of the bug descriptions. But, I found that it was due to a missing indentation. It might sound trivial but, it was not. This was later resolved and the patch was accepted by my mentor,