Week 0 - 29th May 2023

Published: 06/01/2023


During the community bonding period, which concluded this week, I focused on various activities. Firstly, I utilized this time to establish connections with fellow GSoC Contributors, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the community. Additionally, I dedicated myself to delving deeper into the Open-MSS codebases, enhancing my familiarity with their intricacies.


During this period, I wholeheartedly dedicated my time and efforts to delving deeper into the codebases of Open-MSS. My primary objective was to enhance my familiarity with the intricate workings of the system. I delved into the various components, meticulously studying their structure and functionality. Through this immersive exploration, I aimed to gain comprehensive knowledge and develop a profound understanding of the inner workings of Open-MSS, laying a strong foundation for my future contributions.

The Week Ahead

In the upcoming week, I will focus on setting up our own Identity Provider (IdP) and conducting tests with an existing service provider (SP). This is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the Service Provider (SP) by having our IdP under our control. I will start by creating our IdP and performing tests with a Service Provider from another project. This process will provide valuable insights, allowing us to align our SP implementation with the other project. Based on the results, I will incorporate additional tests to enhance the system.