Weekly blog post 1

Published: 06/05/2023

What did you do this week?

I developed our own service provider using pysaml2 authentication for the single sign-on process. This involved creating a robust system that allows users to authenticate and access multiple applications seamlessly. Additionally, I built our own identity provider using pysaml2, ensuring that we have complete control over user authentication and authorization. This IdP enables us to manage user identities and securely share user attributes with service providers. By developing both the service provider and identity provider, we have established a comprehensive and integrated solution for efficient and secure single sign-on functionality, providing a seamless user experience across our testing application.

What is coming up next?

Currently, I am encountering a dependency issue in the main project, which is impeding progress. However, I am actively working on resolving this issue, and once it is sorted, my plan is to create a pull request (PR) and discuss any necessary further improvements with my mentor for this task. Once the PR is submitted and the necessary discussions take place, my intention is to shift my focus towards the upcoming tasks scheduled for the upcoming weeks(Configure the MSS collaboration server for SSO). By addressing the dependency issue and collaborating with my mentor, I aim to ensure a smooth workflow and deliver high-quality results in a timely manner.

Did you get stuck anywhere?