Published: 08/12/2019

What did I do this week?

Earlier this week, I worked on a number of major refactoring listed below.

  1. displaying user and project details in project window
  2. send service message for each 'file-save'
  3. add user/add project features added
  4. refactoring test/real data setup
  5. disable action buttons for non-permitted users. 

Some parts of it have been merged with my branch in origin repository. I'm working on setting up the project for Postgres for internal usage, and disabling autosave for non-admin users. After that, I'm making a PR

What's coming up next?

Next up, are the internal testing of mscolab at my mentor's workplace. Then we can come up with bugs, and features to work on for the next and final week of development cycle.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

No, nothing bothered me for long this week. I did however come up with a design dilemma, where I had to import variables for tests as different names, and manually detect if tests are running, and then set the variable names. However, the app can't be configured to use TEST_* params. We have to set a test environment to change all those params to test params.