Published: 06/30/2019

What did I do this week?

For the past week I was involved in two major tasks. They are:

  1. Introducing the 'Change' module, this is an addon, which helps keep track of 'diffs' of old and new version of ftml file, for analytics purpose. In future, post gsoc, this module is to be replaced by a VCS which would support advanced features like undo and redo.
  2. Writing integration tests for APIs on HTTP endpoints, and some other refactoring which removed all occurences of executing `python server.py` with a subprocess.exec. 

The 1st task was finished and reviewed fully, I've started a PR for second task earlier today.

What's coming up next?

Next up, I'll discuss the changes required in this PR with Reimar. Once merged, 50% of the work is done. angel
For the next part, I have to work on GUI for this server. The gui would be a part of existing msui. Before starting to write code, I'm planning to write a proper document concluding the architectural design of the new code, since it has to properly be integrated with msui.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

No, the week's work was mostly writing tests, so didn't get stuck. But I reached a conclusion with a feature request and put 'wontfix' status. This is an excerpt from our slack group.  image