Published: 07/08/2019

What did I do this week?

This week started with filing a PR for integration tests and other refactoring. Then I assigned 1.5 days to design the software architecture for `msui` it's a big software and is a result of 7-8 results of development. I had to make sure my design doesn't break the policy of mss software, and is modular and pluggable. I have worked out a significant amount of design and basic implementation, you can find an active PR on this here.

What's coming up next?

For the next week, I'd still be working on working with mscolab landing window. The following things have to be done in the upcoming week.

  1. consistent opening of topview, sideview, tableview from projects listing
  2. modify 'file save' to handle call differently if mscolab is activated (it has to send the file content to remote)
  3. write socket connection handler for UI part

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I sure faced some challenges while designing the architecture for mscolab's UI. I had to make decisions regarding functions, connectors' definition, available classes and how they can be extended to fit needs of mscolab. After implementing a basic prototype, I'm more confident about the design now.