Published: 07/14/2019

What did I do this week?

As per last week's plan. I completed implementation of 'projects-list' part of the UI. The additional features were, 

  1. spawning top/side/table views on click of buttons
  2. write socket handlers for client, to implement file-save, and file-load
  3. an 'auto-save' feature which can be activated by admin/creator of a project. This helps to reflect changes on everyone's local version as they happen, instantly. In a non-autosave mode, everyone works on a local desktop on the project. (Post GSoC, we are planning to improve it for situations where some collaborators can be in autosave mode, while some not.)

What's coming up next?

The next part is to write unit tests for the functions developed in the past 1.5 weeks. After this, I have to get them reviewed in a pull request along with the 'autosave synchronization' feature.
With that concluded, I have planned to work on the 'project window' which would include 

  1. users' list
  2. chat
  3. change log

The project window would take about 6-7 days to get developed, including unit tests.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Not for a very long time in a problem. But I came across small 'gotcha's like how Qt requires a child to be bound to at least one element in self.window as its parent. I had a hard time using super for parent constructors as well, because I didn't know how to in Python3.

Link to the PR reviewed this week: https://bitbucket.org/wxmetvis/mss/pull-requests/657/upto-ui-1-mscolab-dashboard/diff