Weekly Blog Post #12 [Aug. 23, 2021]

Published: 08/23/2021

What did you do this week?

  • This week I streamlined the SimpleModel class which derives from the Model base class in which I recently added archive support code.
  • I also made multiple minor changes [1,2] as requested by my mentor.
  • Other than that I updated all the models to reduce code duplication and support archive storage.
  • While I was updating all the models I noticed that I was having problems in saving and loading trained models for the spaCy model, I discovered that there was an issue in the archive creation code.
  • I quickly fixed the problem in a subsequent PR.
  • I also added a tutorial on how to save/load models as archives.
  • Last but not the least I added test cases to cover dffml.df.archive.

What is coming up next?

  • This week marks the end of my GSoC'21 journey, I would continue contributing to DFFML in the future.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

  • Not really, I was stuck for some time figuring out why the spaCy model was not working, but I was able to spot out the issue and fix it pretty quickly.