Weekly Check-In #11 [Aug. 16, 2021]

Published: 08/16/2021

What did you do this week?

  • At the beginning of this week, I received some feedback from my mentor regarding the flow and some other stuff[1,2].
  • I worked on the changes requested by my mentor and fixed various bugs [1,2,3,4,5].
  • Other than that I also fixed some test cases that were failing after I made the changes last week [1,2].

What is coming up next?

  • Testing and implementing/fixing archive storage support in all 11 models listed in this PR.
  • Other than I have noticed that some models have repetitive code blocks, I would try to eliminate any such duplication.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

  • Nope, this week I spent most of my time reading the model code and analyzing where and what changes would be needed.