Weekly Blog Post #8 [July 26, 2021]

Published: 07/27/2021

What did you do this week?

  • This week I worked on two PRs:
    1. high_level: Move code into a directory and splitting out into files #1172
    2. WIP: model : Add Support for Archive Storage of Models #1174
  • The first one was related to an issue I faced earlier and the second PR was dependent on the first one.
  • So before making the first PR I opened up an issue to get feedback from my mentor before I proceeded with the implementation.
  • After the first PR was merged I continued working on the second one.
  • There were some issues I faced in both of these PRs which I'd be discussing later in this post.
  • Other than that I rebased my other two PRs which are ready to merge with all relevant CI tests passing.
    1. util:log: Added log_time decorator #1101
    2. WIP : ci : lint : commits : Adding ci job to validate commit message format #1076

What is coming up next?

  • I would be working on to complete all the tasks in my possibly the final PR to fix issue #662
  • This would take a long time as I have to make changes in all the models and update their respective tests and docs.
  • Other than that I would be fixing a logging issue, I still have to think about how it can be fixed.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

  • Yes, starting with the high_level splitting PR, I was stuck on a failing docstring test, I don't know how it was working before I made this change, after a ton of debugging I just gave up and solved it with a pretty trivial solution.
  • Other than that I was not really stuck but spent quite a lot of my time in thinking how the tar support should be implemented in the Model class, I have pushed a rough implementation to get feedback from my mentor(s).