Weekly Check-In #9 [Aug. 2, 2021]

Published: 08/02/2021

What did you do this week?

  • This week I got two of my PRs merged after a long time:
    • ci : lint : commits : Adding ci job to validate commit message format #1076
    • util:log: Added log_time decorator #1101
  • However merging PR #1076 introduced an issue in master in which the lint commit command kept running forever and was killed by Github Actions for exceeding run time limits.
  • I fixed this issue quickly in another PR which simply skipped the linting test on master branch.
  • Other than that I continued working on my possibly final PR for my GSoC project based on the inputs [1,2,3] received from my mentor.

What is coming up next?

  • As per the feedback received from my mentor on archive support part I have to make some changes which I'd be picking up in coming week.
  • Also, currently the archive dataflow creation code is very verbose and I will try to improve upon it.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

  • Not really, I have been thinking a lot about how the verbosity of dataflow creation code can be reduced, how various blocks of code which are pretty similar can be removed and how the overall mechanism can be made to look more pythonic and clean.