Week 0 : Community Bonding Period

Published: 05/29/2023

According to the GSoC'23 official timeline, today marks the end of the community bonding period and the start of the coding period.

During the community bonding phase, I accomplished the following:

I found the community bonding phase to be quite reassuring as I got to know the community and the PyElastica staff better. We had a zoom call, and interacting with the team was extremely exciting; we introduced ourselves and discussed the flow of things; it was decided to keep the pace as convenient as possible, and a communication medium was chosen.

I was entrusted with completing the #99-unit tests for contact module. This is designed to help me understand the contact module implementation in pyelastica - numba.

I drafted 2 PR's for the same, which were merged #257 and #258.


What is next:

I will continue to work on the issue - 99 as the task 3 and 4 are still unfinished.


Challenges I faced:

There were no out-of-the-box issues for me, but manual debugging of the test cases took a long time because I was unfamiliar with the input structure of the functions.