Week 1 : Strategizing and Idea Evaluation

Published: 06/06/2023

The coding phase began this week, and the team held another meeting to strategize the development.

Accomplishments this week:

I drafted another PR regarding issue no. - 99, 261, with which the specific functions unit tests are now complete. I also learned about code coverage using Codevec, as my mentor helped me identify that even though the test was written correctly, it was not testing all of the relevant code sections due to the arguments; this issue was eventually resolved.

The team also met via Zoom to discuss the ground implementation (what and how) of the contact module.

What's next:

I will continue to work on the issue 99 and finish it positively by this week; other than this I will be researching to find the best python - stl/mesh modulation packages for contact module implementation.