First Evaluations

Published: 07/19/2021

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing good.
The feeling of achieving something is always great and surreal. The evaluations always seemed to me as a mixture of facts and fantasy. I was living the facts like working towards achieving my goal, striving towards completing what's defined within the timeline, etc. But there always has been an imagination as to what would happen during the evaluations. And I am glad that I have passed my first evaluations successfully.

What did I do this week?

In this week, it was supposed to fill out the evaluations of one another(student and the mentors.) Google has given us a time of five days during which the mentors evaluated the works of their students and the students gave feedback about the program and the mentors. So, I had also done my share of filling out the first evaluations. In addition to that, I have discussed with the mentors in my weekly meeting how to proceed with the next set of tutorials. We are planning to demonstrate to the user how to create a project in MSS which would apparently include a demonstration of all the views like the horizontal, vertical, linear and table views. I have started coding the automations for this "views tutorials".

What is coming up next?

I will be working on the "views tutorials" and would try to complete automating the demonstration of how to create a project and along that line would also touch the explanation of all the functional paraphernalia associated with it. I will try to complete the whole tutorial by the coming week.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Anything major didn't come up on my way but I would like to discuss about one thing that I feel worth sharing. In PyAutoGui, the keyboard keys and all the strokes work for the US keyboard layout only and for other keyboard layouts like the German keyboard, the same wouldn't work. So, one has to change his/her keyboard layout to US style keyboard.