Week 6 : Checking In

Published: 07/26/2021

Hi there :) This week seemed quite longer than it was. These are the times when the last of the but major tutorials are left to be automated.

What did I do this week?

This week I was working upon "views tutorial" or more sophistically said as how to create a project in Mission Support System. It included all the views present in MSS such as planning flighttrack in topview and as the name suggests we can see from the top as a sky view. Next comes the side view which enables us to adjust the height of the flights according to pressure levels and pressure altitude. After that the table view which provides a detailed creation of flight path with precise latitudes,longitudes, names of places, etc with comments alongside. After that the linear view which helps us to scrutinize the flight path and plan it with a linear perspective.

What is coming up next?

Next week I am planning to set my hands to code the most important aspect of MSS - mscolab or Mission Support System Collaboration. This enables users to work remotely with different people on the same or different parts of a project. It has many features and most of the users are not aware or are not comfortable in the knowledge of its use. Hence, I am planning to make a comprehensive and simple automated tutorial on mscolab.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

For this week, there was not a sort of thing that became a hurdle of my way. But it was quite longer than expected to make the tutorials on all the views together.