Week 7: Checking In..

Published: 08/02/2021

Hi there :) The period is gradually turning towards it's end. All the things need to be wrapped up as quickly as possible. This week there was a change in plan. Instead of the mscolab tutorial, I worked on other remaining sections of MSS such as Remote Sensing, Satellite Track Prediction, Hexagon Control, etc. All the things required and needed to be planned for mscolab has already been done. The tutorial has been waiting the 5.0 release of MSS which would make Mscolab to the forefront of MSS, and then the tutorial can be started.

What did I do this week?

This week I automated the tutorials which demonstrated Remote Sensing, Satellite Track Prediction and Hexagon Control. I demonstrated how remote sensing is used to measure the solar and other planetary bodies' angle such as Moon and Venus from the azimuth direction and considering the angle of elevation of the flight. This is very useful in flight planning. Satellite Track Prediction as the name suggests predicts where and at what time a satellite of concern would cross from the available prediction data. This in turn helps flights to a greater extent in their decision of where to fly and how. Hexagon Control is the making of a hexagon with waypoints as it's vertices with radius, centre waypoint and first angle of the hexagon as input. These were the small things but important features which are needed to be described to the user briefly.

What is coming up next?

Next, I am planning to start the mscolab tutorial and along with that work on the post processing of the generated tutorials.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

The platform dependency in my code for different platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac needs to be modularized and made better. I am figuring out ways in which the code could be made more efficient regarding it's platform dependency.