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Weekly check-in #2

Published: 06/17/2021

What did I do this week?

The first few days, I tried to compile simple programs to understand how the LLVM module is generated and after a Google Meet with Guilherme Leobas, some things became clearer and I could finally do this without any further problems. I submitted a PR adding some new build information on TACO`s to help new users and realized that many pieces of LLVM IR are not being generated yet by TACO's LLVM Backend, so I opened an issue on GitHub with the details of this problem and already started to work to fix it. The first part of these problems seems to be related to the target machine since the "Target Triple" and the "Target DataLayout" are missing. Although these problems seems more difficult than I thought, I hope to fix them soon.

What is coming up?

This second week, I'll try to complete the LLVM IR's missing parts, review the code generated by "for" and "while" and fix any possible errors on their implementations.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes! At first, I got stuck in compile simple programs and generated their LLVM IR. Then I got stuck in fixing the missing parts of LLVM that I discussed above.
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Weekly Check-in #1

Published: 06/08/2021

Hello everyone! My name is Roberto Rosmaninho, and I'm a third-year undergraduate student at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil, where my major is in Computer Science. I'm glad to participate in Google Summer of Code as a contributor for PyData/Sparse under the Python Software Foundation. I'll complete the implementation of the LLVM Back-end for The Tensor Algebra Compiler (TACO). So far, I only have discussed the design implementation of BinaryOps, new build instructions for the README, and submit a Pull Request to update the branch that already contains the beginning of the Back-end's code. This week I'll study and improve, if necessary, the implementation of the LLVM Module, Function, Block, and Scope! All the discussions are being public on Gitter, so anyone interested in more details can follow my progress from there! Thanks for the interest, and I see you here next week! Best regards, Roberto Rosmaninho
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