See you later PSF-GSoC

Published: 08/20/2019

Hi everyone!


The truth was that it was an incredible experience I recommend it
Anyone who likes challenges in new technologies,
development and especially python.

Work under the supervision of titans such as PSF and Google
It gives an interesting boost.
Thank you for supporting the development of the potential of

As for work, the second stage was complicated enough for me
I was running out of time and my lack of knowledge complicated
even more, set aside the web service testing by the client test of pyafipws that for now is more important for the project.

I will continue working on my knowledge,
A lot of ink remains in the inkwell.

I want to thank my mentors for the support,
to this beautiful community that is PyAr,
to all the participants of Gsoc-2019 I hope you had a great experience,
to sounak98 you did a great job on the blog,
to the botanic for being aware of us,
and of course,
to the administrators :!: team-psf / \ team-gsoc :!: for having followed up and marked the development, which was very important for our performance.

To improve my knowledge I could not have had more luck working with the pyafipws project, seeing the code you can see the great handling of the python language, it runs through it and being complex at the same time, with which you can learn a lot about the management of it and its tools, my congratulations to Mariano Reingart the author / maintainer of this opensource project.

I don't want to leave the opportunity to mention an excellent book,
which is so far the best one I read and which has become  author In my referent, very complete, extraordinary handling of the writing and explanation connecting all topics, using experiences and problems of my own in work done and the star is 'dive in to Python3' its author Mark Pilgrim, to whom I give my thanks.
and to the translator of his Spanish version Jose Miguel Gonzalez Aguilera.
PS: that you have read it does not mean that you have learned :)

Well, I leave you. I have to finish the tests!


Regards and Good Life!