Weekly Summary #12

Published: 08/12/2019

Hello everyone!


What did you do last week
I was working on the web service testing with ladon the idea is also to do it with django + spyne and flask of which I was generating some basic tests.
I was also making some progress in the tests.

This week

The idea is to finish the basic web service leaving aside some
more advanced implementations, finish the wsaa mock which is the web service that generates the access ticket to be able to use the other web services and wsbfev1 to lay the foundations
of the other developments of the mock-ws.
Also, finish the highest amount of test with high coverage.
At the end of the week, see with the mentors details and suggestions of some changes in the project.

One of the attributes for which I decided work with ladon, is that it contains a graphical interface to test the web services created, similar or similar to soapUI which I would have liked to try but I could not because I hung up the system, I only say so I could see and read from your documentation.
It is costing me the implementation of the clients with pysimplesoap due to my lack of experience,
which led me to investigate other resources and I found a SOAP client programmed in python called zeep.
Which I was testing, has a simple use and good documentation, I could interact with the basic test web services created.
I remembered that one of the mentors had suggested changing this dependency, but I wasn't sure which one to use, I think Zeep would be a good candidate but we would have to prove it more deeply and see how it works with security implementations.


Regards and Good Week!