Weekly Summary #10

Published: 07/29/2019

Hi everyone!


What did you do last week

In this week I was working on the development of the web service for testing, also advanced in the wsmtxca test of electronic billing with details and an improvement in the functionality with travis.

This week

In this week I will continue with the development of the web service, move forward with the project tests and correct unicode runtime problems.


In the development of the web service I was seeing several projects to test the clients for web service, such  as soapUI written in java, this hang up my system it seems that I and Oracle are not compatible, summary, I could not use it until now. Seeing tools in python like Flask with which I ran simple tests and ladon to handle a web service development tool in which I could not achieve much yet. But nothing more complicated than the development itself.


Regards and Good Week!